How do I troubleshoot the Netgear wireless router?

Performing the troubleshooting is not much of a difficult task on the wireless Netgear router. You can try turning off the wireless function and then directly connect your computer to the WiFi router with an ethernet cable. You can try rebooting the computer and then check for an internet connection plus you can reboot the router and any other modems in use. If the problem still persists then you can contact your internet service provider. If you have any queries regarding this, then you can contact Netgear technical support phone number, our Netgear router customer service team is always available for your concern.

How do I log into the Netgear WiFi router?

Logging into the Netgear wireless router is a really simple task if you follow the exact same steps as given in the login guide on our website. At the very first point, you need to connect a computer to the Netgear router and then launch the web browser such as chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Then you need to visit a specific site where you will be asked to sign in with the respective default username and the default password. Then after performing the login, the home page screen will be displayed where you can configure the further settings. You will get complete step by step login procedure guide for Netgear router on our website plus for any further assistance, you can chat with our Netgear router customer service.