netgear router login

Netgear Router Login

Netgear allows its users to login into Netgear Router and make changes to default settings. User can follow below mentioned steps to login into the Netgear Router. Once you are logged in, you can see default settings and can make changes to those settings according to you. You can change username(SSID), change network key, change admin password, change security settings, choose network connection type etc…..

To Login into your Router:

  1. Open a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is associated with your router’s network.
  2. Note: Use Ethernet cable to connect your device or computer system to your router while updating the firmware.
  3. In the address bar, Enter
  4. Login window prompted, Enter the router’s admin username and password.
  5. Note: The default username is the admin and the password is the one, that you determined the first occasion when that you signed in. The LOGIN username and password are case-sensitive.

Recover your Netgear router Login:

  1. Launch a web browser, In the address field, type
    A LOGIN window appears.
  2. Click the CANCEL button
    You are prompted to window to enter the Serial Number of the router if, password recovery is Enabled.
    You can find the serial number of the router on the product label.
  3. Enter the Serial Number of the router.
  4. Tap the Continue Button.
    A screen shows asking for the answers to your security questions.
  5. Enter the saved answers to your security questions.
  6. Tap the Continue Button.
    A screen displays to reset the router password.
  7. Enter the new password and reconfirm the password.
  8. Enter your new security question and answer it for future recovery.
  9. Click the NEXT button.
    Changes applied.
    A screen shows you have successfully reset your password.
  10. Click the Login again button to log back into the router with your new password.
    A login window opens.
  11. Now, Login to the router with the recovered password.

In case you are unable to recall the admin password of the router, then the only way left with you is to perform the factory reset. By doing this your device gets back to its default settings and then, reconfigure the new admin password.

To perform a Factory reset on your device:

  1. Check for the Reset button on the back of your router to Restore Factory Settings.
  2. Using a pin or paper clip, press and hold the Restore Factory Setting or Reset button for up to seven seconds.
  3. Release the Reset Button after seven seconds and wait for your router to get the reboot.
  4. Once the router finished with the Factory Reset Settings, Power light stops and blinking and become solid green in color.
    Note: The Power light on newer router models, lights solid white.
  5. The Factory default setting is restored for your Netgear router.

Note: After you perform a factory reset on your Netgear router all its personalized router settings and configurations goes back to the manufacturing default settings, includes username, password, security and network name (SSID).

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